Canada's Student Startup of the Year

Hosted by Queen's Venture Capital Club

As seen on Betakit


Queen's Venture Capital Club is on a nation-wide hunt for the best Student Start-Ups in Canada

Round 1

The first round consists of simply completing the application found above prior to February 19th at 11:59pm EST. After the applications are evaluated, with help from Real Ventures, our advisors will select the top 5 teams and notify them on February 22nd by 6pm EST.

Round 2

The finalists will be invited to Kingston, Ontario for the final round. During this day, the startups will have time to meet sponsors, judges, and top tier delegates before they pitch at night. The judges will consist of venture capitalists and accelerators. After each company pitches for 15 minutes, the judges have 5 minutes to ask questions. Once all five companies have finished, the judges will determine which startup they believe is the best in Canada, based on a list of criteria. The winners will receive a prestigious interview to FounderFuel, one of the top accelerators in Canada, in addition to prizes from our sponsors.

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